Accord, N.Y.: A ‘Laid-Back Agricultural Hub’ With a ‘Chill Vibe’

With its central location, stunning scenery and culturally diverse community, the Ulster County hamlet has seen an influx of residents in recent years.

When Craig Mersky and Stephanie Miller bought a house in Accord, N.Y., eight years ago, they envisioned it as a weekend place to escape from Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. But nearly two years ago, the pandemic pushed the couple to make a permanent break. In December 2020, they bought a bigger house and an adjoining lot with plenty of space where their son, Max, 3, and rescue dog, Lemonade, could run and play.

Ms. Miller, 38, a digital marketing director, and Mr. Mersky, 50, a lawyer, know two couples from the city who have followed them to Accord, an Ulster County hamlet in the town of Rochester. Although the hamlet is officially only 3.4 square miles, with a population of 573, according to the 2020 census, unofficially the area is about 30 square miles, with a population of around 3,000, said Mike Baden, Rochester’s supervisor. Increasingly, many of those residents are coming from New York City.

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