Real Estate, Transactions & Business Law

Real Estate, Transactions & Business Law

For 30 years, BLS attorneys have represented clients from the simplest real estate, business and financial transactions to the most complex.

BLS handles all aspects of real estate closings for residential and commercial properties on behalf of buyers, sellers, and financial institutions.  BLS attorneys work diligently with our clients, lenders, and other professionals to resolve any issues that arise and to close their transaction as quickly and easily as possible.

We pride ourselves in our business acumen.  Whether it is forming a corporation or LLC for a small business, negotiating a contract, or representing a large business being bought by another company, BLS has the knowledge, skill and experience to successfully navigate the process to a successful outcome.

BLS also assists individuals and businesses in negotiating and obtaining the financing needed to grow.  We will diligently work with you to obtain the capital you need, whether it is a mortgage for a new home or a secured transaction for a residential development or business purchase.